Can I temporarily park a Coup?

After a Coup ride you have two options:

You can either end the rental or pause and park for a stopover.

For a stopover or pause, park the eScooter considerately as usual and tap the lock button in the app to lock it. As soon as you want to continue your ride, simply tap the same lock button again.

Which tariff applies during the stopover?

During the stopover you stay in the rental. This way you ensure that the eScooter is no longer bookable for other users. Therefore, the normal tariff applies. COUP also offers a 24-hour rate, which starts automatically from the 120th minute. Further information can be found here.

What else do you have to pay attention to during an intermediate booking?

  1. Please note that you need a stable, adequate data and active Bluetooth connection for the process to run smoothly.
  2. If you are making a stopover outside of the business area, please make sure that the eScooter has a high enough battery level for the ride back. Fees will apply if the eScooter runs out of battery outside the business area. Please see our fee overview here.

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