How do I book the 24-hour rate?

If you use the eScooter for more than 120 minutes, the 24-hour rate will automatically be activated. You pay the price of 120 minutes, or a maximum of 25.20€ (120 x 0.21). After the 24-hour rental, the regular minute pricing will apply again until the 24-hour rate is automatically enabled after 120 minutes.

What do I have to consider when booking Coup for a whole day?

Here are our tips & tricks:

  1. Book an eScooter with a high battery level. That ensures that you have a high reach and can ride as far as possible with the eScooter. Switching to a different scooter is considered a new rental, therefore the calculation of 120 minutes would start again.
  2. Please don’t end the rental during a stopover, instead, use the parking function (the lock button in the app).
  3. Do you have free rides in your account? No problem. Valid free rides will be added to the calculation of 120 minutes. That means that the rate will be cheaper for you (1 free ride=10 minutes -> 110 x 0.21€ = 23.10€). Only one free ride per rental can be used.
  4. The 24-hour rate can’t be booked in advance. It is automatically active after 120 minutes.

You still have questions? Here's our tariff overview.

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