Driver's License Revalidation

1. Why are we asking customers to do this?

We at Coup have a legal obligation, as a vehicle owner, to check that each driver has a valid driver's license. To comply with this law, we must also do everything reasonably possible to regularly ensure that the driver's license presented belongs to the actual driver of the eScooter.

2. How long will I have to do this?

From the date you receive the notification from us that you need to revalidate your license, you have 2 weeks until your account is temporarily blocked. As soon as as you have a convenient 5 minutes, you can revalidate your details in our app, and your account will automatically be unblocked when the process is complete.

3. What documents do I need?

You will need your ID (passport or identity card) and your driver's license.

4. What if I can’t validate in the app?

This occasionally happens if your license is damaged in some way, is not the original copy, your appearance has changed since the photo on your ID was taken, or the names on your ID and driver's license do not match. In this case, we invite you to email us at and we can arrange a time when it's convenient for you to come to our office and one of our team will be able to validate your documents manually.

5. What happens if I don’t revalidate?

After the scheduled revalidation date, or license expiry date (whichever is sooner), your account will be temporarily blocked until you do revalidate. See answers above.

6. Will my account be automatically unblocked once it's been revalidated?

Yes, if there is no other block reason (e.g. unpaid invoice).

7. Which driver's licenses do we accept?

We only accept EU driver's licenses. The following conditions also apply:
  • Driver's license must be the original copy (no photocopies or digital copies)
  • No evidence of a forgery
  • Name, gender, date of birth and photo on ID and driver's license need to match each other
  • Driver's license has not expired
  • Driver's license registered class is correct
  • No blocking notices or the like on driver's license
  • No registered restrictions on the driver's license

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