What kind of extra fees apply when?

  • The excess in cases of damage or theft of the Coup scooter caused by the customer: max 350€
  • Service trip caused by the customer: 50€
  • Re-parking of a wrongfully or illegally parked Coup scooter: 50€
  • Return of a Coup scooter back into the business area (also in the case of empty batteries): 150€
  • Third-party invoices due to customer negligence (e.g. towing operation, etc.): Max as per invoice
  • Helmet loss caused by customer: 150€
  • Driving without a completed and valid rental agreement including handing over the Coup scooter or customer login data to unauthorized persons: 250€
  • Repairing a Coup scooter as a result of violations of the customer's obligations under the general terms and conditions §8: 50€
  • Special cleaning after deliberate contamination by the customer: 50€
  • Battery loss, damage or destruction caused by manipulation (per battery): 1.000 €
  • Prohibited foreign trips: 250€

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