What kinds of eScooters exist in the Coup fleet?

Coup provides you with the most modern eScooters exclusively within a sharing-model. The eScooters are produced in Taiwan by Gogoro. In Berlin you have the option between 2 models:

Gogoro 1 and Gogoro 2.

What are the differences between the two models?

Gogoro 1 is the smaller vehicle. Gogoro 2 is the newest model from Gogoro with more room on the seat. Both models contain one helmet, however, they are both approved for two people. To take another person with you, you simply need to take a helmet of your own with you.

The driving experience is similar on both vehicles. Just test them on the streets and convince yourself.

How can I differentiate the models in the app?

You can identify the type of eScooter in the app:

Dark blue dot: Gogoro 1.
Turquoise dot: Gogoro 2.

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