How does the 24h Flat Rate works?

24h Flat Rate

If you want a COUP just for yourself during several hours, the 24 hours Flat Rate is for you! 

Rent COUP for 30€ and keep the same scooter just for you during 24 hours. 

Important data

The 24 hours rate will be active automatically after you reach 120 minutes rental time. No need to reserve or pay in advance! 

- Each change of the COUP eScooter is considered to be a new rental, so that the calculation regarding the 24 hours rate starts from the beginning again. Please, remember to lock the scooter instead of ending the rental if you need to make a pause or park it. 

- Remember to check the battery level of the scooter before renting it!

- In Madrid the price for this would be 30€. After 24h of rental, the rate comes back to the normal  price of 0,25€ per minute. 

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