How do the minutes packages work?

How do you book the packages in the app?

Buy minute packages directly from your COUP app! You will find the minute packages in the navigation menu on the left under “Buy minutes”. There you can book your preferred package right before you reserve your scooter. The charging of the package via your credit card will be done immediately after booking and not via the known invoice at the end of the month. Therefore, you will receive a separate invoice via email after booking.

100 MINUTES PACK - 22.95 € (0.23 € / min)
Ride 100 minutes for the price of 92

200 MINUTES PACK - 43.95 € (0.22 € / min)
Ride 200 minutes for the price of 176

500 MINUTES PACK – 94.95 € (0.19 € / min)
Ride 500 minutes for the price of 380

In which order will free rides, prepaid minute packages and regular minute prices be used?

Free rides, prepaid minute packages and regular minute prices will be used in the following order: Valid free rides will be used first, followed by the prepaid minute package with the earliest expiration date. If no valid free ride or prepaid minute credit is available (anymore), the regular minute price will be charged. This also applies during a commenced rental. Only one free ride per rental can be used.

Is the minimum rent time of 6 minutes always omitted when minute packages are used?

Yes. This also applies, if the corresponding prepaid minute package is fully used during the rental and the subsequent minutes are charged with the regular minute pricing.

Are the minute packages refundable?

In Spain, minute packages are only refundable during the next 14 days after being purchased and just if none of the minutes of the package have been used.

Do minute packages have an expiration date?

The minute packages are subject to the usual statutory limitation period in Spain which is 3 years.

Where can I use minute packages after buying them?

Minute packages are only valid for the specific COUP city (e.g. Madrid), for which they have been booked for. Therefore, if you go to another COUP city, your tariff will be the normal rate of that city.

Can minutes from existing prepaid minute packages be credited towards the 24 hours rate?​​​​​​​

Yes. Minutes from existing prepaid minute packages will be credited towards the 120 minutes in a way that the price for the 24 hours rate will be reduced accordingly due to the reduced minute prices. If the prepaid minute package credit is insufficient to cover the 120 minutes of the 24 hours rate(s), the difference in minutes will be charged at the regular minute price.


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