How does the 24h fee work?

As soon as your rental goes over 120 minutes, the 24h fee is automatically applied and you can keep your Coup eScooter for 24h with no additional cost.

Using a Coup eScooter for 24h costs a maximum of 33,60€ (120 x 0,28 €), exactly the same cost than 120 minutes. After 24h of rental, the regular minute pricing is applied until you reach once again 120 minutes. And so on.

The 24h fee is only applicable for one rental and can’t be transferred to another scooter.

What should you know when you book Coup for a whole day?

  • Book an eScooter with a high battery level. This way you have a high reach and can ride as far as possible with the eScooter. The change of the eScooter is considered to be a new rental, so that the calculation regarding the 24 hours rate starts from the beginning again.
  • During a stopover, please do not end the rental, but use the parking function.
  • You still have free rides in your account? No problem. Valid free rides will be credited towards the 24 hours rate. This means that the rate will be cheaper for you (110 x 0,28 € = 30,80 €). Only one freeride per rental can be used.
  • The 24 hours rate cannot be booked in advance. It is applied automatically after a rental time of 120 minutes. 

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