How much is COUP?

What does it cost in Paris?

Regular minute pricing (without booking a prepaid minute package)1

For the first commenced 10 minutes (minimum rent time) 2,80 €
For every following commenced minute 0,28 €

Prepaid minute packages1,2,3
100 minutes (à 0,25 € for every commenced minute) 24,90 €
200 minutes (à 0,22 € for every commenced minute) 43,90 €
500 minutes (à 0,20 € for every commenced minute) 99,90 €

Flat fee for 24 hours starting with the beginning of the rentalmax. 33,60 €

Duration of a freeride 10 minutes

1 Prepaid minute packages, freerides and regular minute prices will be used in the following order: Valid freerides will be used first, followed by the prepaid minute package with the earliest expiration date. If no valid freeride or prepaid minute credit is available (anymore), the regular minute price will be charged. This also applies during a commenced rental. Only one freeride per rental can be used.

2 Prepaid minute packages are packages that are paid in advance at a discounted price. They are non-refundable and only valid for the specific COUP city (e.g. Berlin), for which they have been booked for. When a prepaid minute package is fully used, the regular minute price will be charged. Purchased prepaid minute packages are subject to the usual statutory limitation periods.

3 When prepaid minute packages are used, the 10 minutes minimum rent time will not be applied. This also applies, if the corresponding prepaid minute package is fully used during the rental and the subsequent minutes are charged with the regular minute pricing.

4 In case of a continuous rent the fee for each 24 hours after beginning of the rental is limited to the price for 120 minutes. When using regular minute pricing that corresponds to a maximum price of 33,60 € (120 x 0,28 €). However, a valid freeride will be credited towards the 120 minutes flat fee in a way that the price for the 24 hours flat fee will be reduced accordingly due to the non-charging of the freeride duration. Only one freeride per rent can be used.

What extra fees will be charged?


Damage without third-party responsibility or theft of scooter

150 € for towing fees (if necessary)
+ 100 € for handling fees
+ up to 350 € for the damage


Abandoning of scooter during rental period

200 € for repair fees

Returning scooter outside of business area (e.g. a private location inaccessible to the public)

200 € for repair fees

Return of the scooter outside of the business area

200 € de dépannage

Flat battery outside the business area

200 € for repair fees

Re-parking of an illegally parked COUP scooter

50 euros 

Service trip caused by the customer
50 euros


Loss or damage to property (Helmet)

200 €

Loss or damage to property (Yellow safety vest)

10 €

Loss or damage to property (Battery)

1,000 € per battery

Non-compliance with assistance procedure provided under general terms and conditions

200 € for repair fees if necessary
+ immediate suspension or termination of account


Omission or inaccuracy of information provided by the customer

Invoicing of customer for costs incurred by COUP
+ immediate termination of account


Parking violation or excessive speed

15 € handling fee
+ forwarding of ticket to client


Behavior that contravenes article 7.4 or is outlined in article 7.5

200 € handling fee
+ fee in case of accident
+ immediate termination of the account.

In the case of damage caused by an unregistered driver, a penalty of 5,000 € will be applied.


Removal of scooter (impoundment)

invoicing of the impound fine to the customer (official fee on 26.12.2017 : 49 euros)
150 € of towing fees
+ 20 € for keeping the scooter (two days) 


Scooter cleaning fee

50 €

Other fees (towing, etc.)

Invoicing of customer for costs incurred by COUP


Late fees (computed on the basis of a rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate )
+ an increase of 20% of the due amount on the penalty clause
+ immediate suspension and/or termination of the account


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