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Our story

We re-define the freedom to move through a city.
Riding a COUP feels like floating. You smile while saving time and money.

The urban mobility experience is fundamentally broken. Urban travel is full of stress, constraints and poor service for money. High time for an alternative.

COUP is on a mission to reconnect urban life. We work hard to make swift door-to-door mobility the new normal. Riding our fleet of shared eScooters is fun while saving you time and money.

We launched in August 2016 with a small fleet and a large purpose: To make urban life better. 

On this path, COUP is backed by Robert Bosch GmbH. This puts us into a unique position. We are nimble like a startup – and have access to the advantaged assets of one of the largest tech companies in the world.

We are based in Berlin. Our mission is global. Our pace is high. And our team hungry to grow. We are looking for outstanding tech talents to join us on our roll to upgrade urban mobility.

1 positions Product

We believe that human-centered design is key to meaningful products and sustainable success. Having deep relationships with our customers inspires and motivates us everyday to bring shared emobility solutions to another level.

2 positions Growth

We work in small, flexible teams to fuel COUP's growth along the entire funnel. We take a creative and data-driven approach to growth. With a state-of-the-art marketing and BI stack, we attract talents who develop, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns, define, validate and scale growth features and integrate with the platforms and partners to scale COUP.

2 positions Engineering

As a tech company, we believe that the best platform makes the difference. We therefore built our own. Our Engineering team continuously turns our ideas into reliable realities. We take pride not only in using the latest technologies, we define new standards. Did you ever benchmark the time it takes to unlock shared vehicle?

3 positions Operations

Our Operations team makes sure that you'll find a COUP available nearby. 24/7, no matter what. Tough guys!

1 positions Finance

Our business grows fast and we have big ambitions. That's why we need not only the best technical talent but also the best economical talent.


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