How about extra fees?

In Berlin and Tübingen:

Deductible in case of accident or damage to the vehicle: Max 150 €
Handling of traffic incidents: 10 €
Processing of crimes relevant to criminal law: 150 €
Driving without confirmed and valid rental contract (including the lease of the vehicle to unauthorized persons / transfer of customer's login data.): 250 €
Repairs of the vehicle due to violations of the customer's obligations under ToS section 8: Min 50 €
Service approach for customer fault: 50 €
Extra costs due to customer fault (towing, etc.): per bill
Relocation of an illegally parked Coup vehicle: 50 €
Special cleaning: 50 €
Loss of helmet: 150 €
Battery loss or destruction by manipulation (per battery): 1000 €
Unauthorized trips abroad: 250 €
Return of the vehicle to the business area: 300 €

In Paris:

Damage without third-party responsibility or theft of scooter: 300 € for repair fees (if necessary) + 150 € for handling fees + up to 350 € for the damage
Abandoning of scooter during rental period: 300 € for repair fees
Returning scooter outside of business area (e.g. a private location inaccessible to the public): 300 € for repair fees + immediate suspension or termination of account
Returning scooter outside the business area: 300 € for repair fees
Flat battery outside the business area: 300 € for repair fees

Loss or damage to property:

Helmet: 200 €
Yellow safety vest: 10 €
Battery: 1,000 € per battery
Non-compliance with assistance procedure provided under general terms and conditions: 300 € for repair fees if necessary + immediate suspension or termination of account
Omission or inaccuracy of information provided by the customer: Invoicing of customer for costs incurred by Coup + immediate termination of account
Parking violation or excessive speed: 15 € handling fee + forwarding of ticket to client
Behavior that contravenes article 7.4 or is outlined in article 7.5: 200 € handling fee + fee in case of accident + immediate termination of the account. In the case of damage caused by an unregistered driver, a penalty of 5,000 € will be applied.
Removal of scooter (impoundment): 200 € of towing fees + 15 € handling fee + invoicing of the impound fine to the customer (official fee on 26.12.2017 : 49 euros)
Scooter cleaning fee: 50 €
Other fees (towing, etc.): Invoicing of customer for costs incurred by Coup
Non-payment: Late fees (computed on the basis of a rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate ) + an increase of 20% of the due amount on the penalty clause + immediate suspension and/or termination of the account