How much is COUP?

What does it cost?

For the first commenced 10 minutes (Minimum rent time)

1,90 €

For every following commenced minute

0,19 €

Day flat from 7 am until 7 pm

max. 20,00 €

Night flat from 7 pm until 7 am

max. 10,00 €

Period of a freeride

10 minutes


What extra fees will be charged?


Deductible in case of damage or theft of the COUP scooter caused by the customer (max.)

350,00 €

Service trip caused by the customer

50,00 €

Re-parking of an illegally parked COUP scooter

50,00 €

Return of a COUP scooter in the business area (also in case of empty batteries)

150,00 €

Passing on of third-party invoices due to customer negligence (towing operation, etc.)

according to 3rd party invoice

Helmet loss due to customer's fault

150,00 €

Driving without completed and valid contract incl. the handover of a COUP scooter or customer login data to unauthorized persons

250,00 €

Repair of the COUP scooter as a result of violations of the obligations of the customer from General Terms and Conditions §8

50,00 €

Special cleaning after extraordinary soiling caused by customer

50,00 €

Battery loss or destruction by manipulation (per battery)

1.000,00 €

Inadmissible foreign trips

250,00 €


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